Our Environment

Caulders and the environment…

Caulders cares for the environment – it would be difficult to work with nature in the way we do and not care about environment around you – but did you know?

  • We bale and recycle all cardboard
  • We recycle all aluminium cans
  • We recycle food waste
  • We recycle all plastic
  • We collect rainwater, which we use to water our plants
  • We use fairtrade suppliers where possible
  • We operate a “Less miles, more smiles” policy, which means that the least distance plants or food have to travel before going on sale here, the better
  • We support local growers and suppliers wherever possible
  • We sell ranges of organic products
  • We only sell timber furniture made from FSC timber – look out for the sign!
  • For each Christmas tree we sell, we ensure another three are planted
  • The plastic bootliners which we supply are bio-degradable

How else do you think we could add to this list Рplease feel free to let us know by emailing info@caulders.co.uk

We need to look after the environment – the future of Caulders is in our hands!



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