Caulders Christmas Themes

To make Christmas extra special this year, we have changed up our themes to bring a little sparkle into our lives.

Our 4 themes are:

  • Christmas Carol
  • Touch of sparkle
  • Festive Forestry
  • Silent night

Here’s an insight into what inspired them.

Christmas carol

This theme consists of the traditional Christmas colours; red, green, gold, tartan etc. It was our gift shop manager at Cumbernauld who was reminded of the Charles Dickens classic when naming the line. We thought that the colours and the name suited perfectly creating our Christmas Carol

Touch of Sparkle

This is quite a simple explanation; we were stuck with a ridged set of colours for years on repeat and we wanted to drastically change it up with something different. We noticed pink to be trending and kept saying we need to add a touch of sparkle to our colour ranges. This is where touch of sparkle was formed.

Festive Forestry

The colour scheme for this theme is a warm blend of gold, champagne, bronze, copper and warm white. This theme brings Christmas back to its historical setting with connotations of northern winter forests. This is where you can find stags, owls, wooden decorations and little Christmas tree décor. From the festive nature, and the setting of northern winter forests came ‘Festive Forestry’.

Silent night

The colour scheme of ice blues, whites and touches of gold were to bring one of our favourite settings to life – a nice quiet walk along the street in the freshly fallen snow, all wrapped up in layers so thick it filters out the surrounding noise creating a perfect winters ‘silent night’.

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