Roundup Fast Action Total Weedkiller Pump Concentrate Gel Optima 150ml



Miracle-gro Roundup Weedkiller Gel Spot Treatment offers an ideal solution to weed infestations. Weeds can easily be given a hit of Roundup, even when surrounded by plants the user doesn’t want to treat. The effective gel formulation works by actively attaching itself to leaves. Great for treating lawns, vegetable patches, flower beds and more, Roundup Gel kills the weed right at the root.

  • A unique, new weeding tool that is both precise and controlled allowing you to treat weeds around the garden with a single application
  • 100% of the gel is applied to the weed and the systemic action kills down to the roots so weeds don’t come back
  • Ideal for treating weeds in difficult areas; amongst plants in beds and borders, in lawns, hedges, vegetable patches and flower pots
  • Excellent for controlling entwining weeds such as bindweed
  • Degrades in soil to allow replanting