Roundup Ultra 500ml Super Concentrate Weedkiller 500ml



Roundup Ultra is a non-selective, translocated weed killer that is absorbed by leaves and freshly cut, woody surfaces and moves throughout the entire plant, above and below ground, to control annual and perennials weeds, including grasses and deep rooted perennials weeds. It also controls standing trees, newly cut tree stumps, tree saplings, brambles, bracken, nettles, Japanese knotweed and other tough and woody weeds. You may see some visible yellowing of the leaves and stems after 48 hours. But that’s just on the outside – on the inside of the weed, the systemic action takes Roundup to all the weed’s growing points to kill the weed from the ‘inside out’. Most importantly, because Roundup kills the roots, you know that the weed is not coming back. This easy mix liquid concentrate formulation is approved for use all around the garden, on gravel areas, paths, drives and along fences. It can be used to clean up weedy areas before planting vegetables, flowers, shrubs and to renovate overgrown areas. Apply by sprayer or a watering can fitted with a very fine rose. Roundup Ultra is inactivated on contact with the soil and is then broken down by micro-organisms in the soil to allow re-planting. Children and pets can play on the treated area once dried.

Super Concentrate formula for extra large areas, making up to 50 spray litres
Systemic weed killer that kills from the inside out
Kills tough weeds to the roots
Starts working in hours
Degrades in soil by microbial action to allow replanting