Top Tips for the Perfect Autumn Lawn

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  1. Mow your Lawn – Mowing your lawn a week prior to scarifying can be a great way to prep your garden. This will remove excess grass and dice up any thatch patches, making it easier to shift later on.
  2. Scarify your lawn – Use an electric or manual scarifier. This will help to remove dead moss and other debris like grass cuttings
  3. Aerate your lawn – Aeration is a vital part in having a well-maintained lawn. The process of aerating is essentially spiking the lawn to allow for more air (and nutrients including water) to get to the grass roots.
  4. Fork Compact areas – High traffic areas in the garden will be compacted. These areas will need forked to break up the soil. This will improve drainage and aeration.
  5. Apply top dressing – Once the lawn is flat and aerated, it’s time to put some top dressing down. Top dressing improves soil structure and encourages strong root development.
  6. Apply Autumn Lawn seed and feed products – Autumn lawn fertiliser is high in potash and phosphates which will protect the grass from frost and icy conditions. In 7 days after application results will bring to show. Moss with start to blacken as it dies. After 2 weeks the dead black moss must then be raked out thoroughly.