Barry’s Plant of the Week!


Barry is one of Caulders Directors and is a brilliant expert on all things to do with plants 🪴

Every week Barry picks a plant that he wants to show off. Week commencing 19/06/23 is:

Patio Rose

“Life is a bed of Roses”

Patio Roses also known as miniature or dwarf roses are by nature; compact, low growing roses varieties that are ideal for small gardens and containers.

These dwarf roses produce clusters of small rose flower heads which come in a broad range of colours.

General care and maintenance is relatively straightforward forward, make sure you water and liquid feed regularly through the summer and trim off any spent flowers to encourage more flowers to come though.

Patio roses are generally disease resistant and are easily pruned. These versatile little roses are easy to grow and provide great summer interest in a small package.

Also makes an ideal gift!