Now you can buy from Caulders and have it delivered direct to your door!

We are delighted to be offering this delivery service, but it is very different from our normal way of working and we only have a few staff members helping , so to make sure it runs smoothly for all of you and the Caulders team there are a few things we need to advise you of:

· If you need any help the email and we will respond within 24 hours

· Orders made over the weekend, will be delivered between Monday and Friday of the next week – unfortunately we cannot tell you an exact date or time, as it depends on the number of orders received for each area

· We can only deliver what is on the website, it changes each week, so keep an eye out for new items

· We cannot amend or add to the order once it is placed, so please double check before you check out

· You can pay with all major credit cards now

· Unfortunately we have no facility to accept gift vouchers or to apply “friends” discount, but the expiry date of each will be automatically extended


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