Decoration Inspiration

Christmas Chique

The Colour scheme of this theme is warm blends of neutral tones – Such as Golds, champagnes, creams and rich whites. We aimed to bring a classy, modern theme to our centre’s this year, looking at the colours in trend for 2020 and 2021 home décor.

Christmas Carnival

When we think of Santa’s north pole we think of the delicious candy canes you get at Christmas time. This is where our inspiration for this theme came, Reds and whites to match the stripes of the north pole!

Silent Night

There is nothing better than waking up in the morning, the sun has not yet risen and looking out the window to see the first flaking of snow on the pavement. Silent night was created as the navy, light blue and white colours takes us back to this moment of our childhood, creating those first foot prints in the snow before anyone else.

Touch of sparkle

Touch of sparkle was created from years of not knowing where certain colours belonged in our themes. Then one day a thought popped into our minds … “We need a Touch of Sparkle in our displays” With Pinks, whites and rose golds being very much an on going trend, Touch of sparkle was Born!

Caulders Christmas Home

Real Christmas Trees

Christmas Opening Times